interior styling & design

How I work

Matter of Space is a boutique design studio in Amsterdam Zuidas that offers services in Interior Design, Styling and Concept Development.

The Interior styling & design services offered by Matter of Space focus on residential projects in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and their surrounding area.

Having moved around Europe several times myself I especially enjoy designing homes for expat families who in a short period of time want to be able to feel at home in their new surroundings.
— eva
Luxury to me is not about high-end brands at a great expense. Luxury is found in the tiniest of every day details, in the richness of materials and the elegance & warmth combining them creates.
— eva


Styling Services by Matter of Space are all about reinvigorating and breathing new life to a space. Adding colour, material and texture form the core of this visual enhancement.
Styling Services also entail Photo Styling for brands - Matter of Space is passionate about creating value by visualising a space or a product in a befitting setting. For an example, take a look at: Nature's Naturals.

Interior Design

Matter of Space focusses on residential projects and designing for expat families.
Transforming a space into a home is at the core of every one of my design projects and is reflected in the bespoke solutions and the made-to-measure details. For an example, take a look at: Private Residence Amsterdam.

Concept Development

Concept Development entails interior concepts for office space, for bars and for other public spaces and seeks to create unity within a brand or company.
Matter of Space loves to develop concepts for small and medium sized companies who are looking to express their company vision spatially. For an example, take a look at: Container Office Space Info Support.