interior styling & design

About me

Matter of Space is a boutique design studio based in Amsterdam offering services in Interior Styling & design and focussing on residential projects in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and their surrounding area.


Hi, my name is Eva. Great to see you here!

I am a University trained molecular biologist who is passionate about interior design and a Fin who has lived most her life in The Netherlands. I love to travel, get to know different cultures and meet new people.

Typical features of my work are light, clarity and calm. I like to use soft and natural materials like wool & linen and combine these with materials like wood and stone. My color palettes are muted and balanced and my style is best described as Nordic Luxury.

Due to my previous career in science I have developed strong analytical and observational skills. I am curious and intuitive by nature and when studying at the Artemis Academy I realised that I especially enjoy combining these traits in my work as a designer.

I hope my website gives you a good understanding of what it is that I could do for you.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions!

- Eva -